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Depositors petition against police

The depositors of Golden Key Credit Card Company (GKCCC) have filed a petition against the police for assaulting them while making a peaceful protest.

The depositors say they were beaten and arrested by the police while protesting on Thursday in front of the residence of Lalith Kotalawala, the proprietor of the Ceylinco Group of Companies, of which a GKCCC is a member.

Anusha Matters, the chairman of the depositors group told BBC Sandeshaya that the police arrested seven depositors, including herself, while making a peaceful protest urging Mr. Kotalawala for a discussion.

The group was later released on police bail.

“Police officers behaved like animals and used filthy language. They kicked us and didn’t give us a moment of relief to talk at all,” Ms. Matters told BBC Sandeshaya.

She said the depositors have been carrying out similar protests for the last few months and the police intervened to arrange discussions with the company officials.

“This only happened after the new OIC in Bambalapitiya police took over,” she said.



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