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Government says no harsh regulation but enhance the professionalism of journalists

Sunday, 25 July 2010

For over four decades, Sri Lanka has prospered through strategy focused on traditional manufacturing and services industries. As we transit into an innovation-fuelled society, the driving force in the next phase of our development will be the imaginative and creative capacity of our people. The new architects of the global media landscape are those who apply their imagination, creativity and knowledge to generate new ideas and create new values.

To promote development media and creative industries and establish as a potent player in the global media arena Sri Lanka is in need of a body that nurture, develop and promote the local media productions and other creative industries. On this ground we propose the Media Development Authority as an able initiative body to bring Sri Lankan media, media personnel and creative industries to the next generation.

The media development authority improves media personals’ quality of life and makes Sri Lanka more vibrant by stimulating awareness and demand for the arts, design and media products and services.

MDA will play a vital role as an umbrella organization for all kinds of media in transforming Sri Lanka into a Trusted Global Capital for New Asia Media. MDA spearheads initiatives that promote industry growth in arts, film, television, radio, publishing, music, games, animation, Interactive Digital Media, internet, Satellite,  Cellular Mobile Services, software & IT services …etc. At the same time, in ensuring clear consistent and predictable regulatory policies and guidelines to protect core values and safeguard public interests. MDA helps to foster a pro-business environment for industry players through policy, process of registration and professional recognition while ensuring freedom of speech enshrined in the Constitution by;

•    Upholding through communication the unity and integrity of the country and the values enshrined in the Constitution.
•    Ensuring that there is an  increasing access to information for greater empowerment of citizens and towards socio-economic and socio-cultural development.
•    Formulate, promote and implement policies in a holistic manner

MDA looks at media content production and related creative products as potential financial revenues for the national economy.  Therefore MDA will intend to develop Sri Lanka’s media industries as a national strategy for future economic growth.

The government does not intend to implement this on its own. It has already called for opinion and suggestion from media organizations and media practitioners. The interested parties could submit their proposals to the Director General, Dept of Government Information, Colombo 5. For further details you may refer

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