For press freedom by Sunanda Deshapriya

(Lanka-e-News, Aug.30, 2010, 11.25 PM)
The UNP Ratnapura district M P Ranjan Ramanayake who participated in the Derana 360 TV show whose convener was Dilka Samanmali had threatened her father menacingly over the phone yesterday night (29) that he would put an end to Samanmali’s media life.

The Parents of Samanmali live in Australia. Her father is a friend of Ramanayake, it is learnt.

It is reported that during the Derana program 360, Ramanayake had been questioned on some personal matters of his. While these questions were posed some of those who were linked to his personal matters had been revealed, which had prompted him to hold out these threats.
When Lanka e news inquired from Dilka Samanmali who conducted this program, she said, after the program was over Ramanayake had sent her an sms message and asked for her father’s telephone number. As he is a friend of her father she had given his telephone No. in Australia.

Ramanayake has then telephoned her father in Australia at about 4.15 a.m. early morning Australian time, and warned that, as Samanmali had interfered with and created problems for his political life, her media life will also be caused to come to an end. Ramanayake had made a dire threat that he would not give up this until he makes good his threat.
‘I will not allow her to be happy. Like how I have enemies in politics, she too has enemies in her media career. I know that well. I will also utilize them and attack Dhilka. I am telling this to you because you are my old friend.’ Ramanayake had spoken thus to her father over the phone, Samanmali told Lanka e news.

She stated that she had informed her Employer about this, and she had lodged a complaint with the Bambalapitiya Police today (30) as a protective measure for her own personal security.

After several attempts were made to reach Ranjan Ramanayake on the phone, a person from his side said, Ramanayake is participating in a demonstration in front of the Saudi Embassy in SL, and as he has gone to the Saudi Ambassador’s office to meet the Ambassador, it will be difficult to contact him.

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