For press freedom by Sunanda Deshapriya

Tuesday, 14 September 2010 16:18

The government has taken measures to sabotage the seminar under the theme “Farming being dragged to the chopping – block” organized by All Ceylon Farmers Federation of the JVP that was to be held at Dambulla today states the Media Unit of the JVP.
When all arrangements had been made to hold the seminar at the auditorium of Dambulla Technical College the authorities had received an order not to allow the seminar to be held at the venue. Accordingly, the auditorium was closed and police deployed around it.

Former Parliamentarian of the JVP Samanthe Vidyaratne was to address the seminar. Speaking to ‘Lanaktruth’ Mr. Vidyaratne said the government is dragging to the chopping – block not only the farmer community but democracy in the country as well. He asked why the government which states it has a majority of 2/3rd is so scared of people’s power.



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