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Some UPFA MPs gave false assurance: Sandya Ekneligoda

Wednesday, 27 October 2010 00:48
By Yohan Perera

Sandya Ekneligoda wife of the disappeared journalist Prageeth Ekneligoda yesterday charged that some MPs from the UPFA had given her false assurance prior to the last general election that her husband will return to her following the election.

Speaking during the 20th Annual Commemoration for the Disappeared organized by the families of the dissappeared last night Ms. Ekneligoda said this was indeed a false assurance as her husband did not return even after the elections. She said she was asked not to shout about the disappearance of her husband as he would return after the election.

She also alleged that these MPs later denied giving these assurances to her.

Ms. Ekneligoda denied the charges made by some politicians and others that her husband had gone into hiding for vested interests. Some say that my husband had gone into hiding to help my child to go abroad, but all these are false accusations, she said.

The reality she said was that her child was suffering from mental distress.

Anny Theresa whose son had been missing since 1989 said her son who was an ex-airman and was taken by a group who said he was being taken to record a statement and never returned him. I am still not aware as to what became of my son, she said.

She said no she had joined many organizations and worked with many activists but had failed to get the desired results.

A young woman from the North whose husband had disappeared during the war expressed the same sentiments.

Meanwhile several political parties including the UNP JVP and DPF endorsed the UN convention on disappearances and pledged that they would support it if the approval is sought for it in Parliament.



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