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The four culprits after setting fire to LeN headed for Mattegoda camp: stop the tomfoolery and spurious melodrama and apprehend the true arsonists

Lanka e News news editor Benet Rupasinghe at the protest

(Lanka-e-News 03.Feb.2011 2.45PM) It has become very obvious that the police investigations which are being conducted into the arson committed and damage caused to the Lanka e news office has been transformed into a well orchestrated spurious drama by the police and those behind . A drug addict , Susantha from Wellampitiya has been apprehended and a confession signed by him obtained to cover up the whole holocaust. The concocted script of this drama which is being enacted at the Mirihana police has been published in the Divaina newspaper by the prompter Norman Pallihawardena as follows :

This is how the script that has been atrociously concocted goes .

An individual from abroad had given a call to Jayalath alias boothaya and told him , set fire to e News office. A good reward will be paid . Boothaya along with Susantha (Soosa) after collecting petrol in a petrol can at Wellampitiya itself had gone to Lanka e news office by motor cycle. There , they have after spilling the petrol on the doors and windows of the E news office and had set fire. They have then gone to Malabe Town and from a telephone booth threatened an e News journalist and returned to Wellampitiya.

The drama continues ..

Boothaya is supposed to have gone missing . Soosa is supposed to have been enthroned as Deshabandu

Unfortunately for the authors , actors and creators of this drama and the script , there are too many slips and lapses which betray the insidious motives underlying it.

These two individuals , Boothaya and Soosa are hired arsonists who set fire to properties for money. No advance had been taken to buy the petrol. Mind you, they are supposed to be setting fire to properties by sprinkling petrol with the hands. Moreover, with one can of petrol they have torched the entire premises. When it is proved that the office had been broken open and the goods in each room have been set fire after pouring petrol , who is trying to fool whom ? Is this a script written to fool themselves or the audience ?

We urge the police to stop this tomfoolery and buffoonery at least now and get down to brass- tacks and perform their duties duly in the interest of the public and those who are aggrieved and not to dance to the baila of interested parties with ulterior motives.

We also request the IGP to keep out SP Deshabandu Tennekoon from these investigations. This request is based on the vituperative hate he had shown earlier against the Lanka e news Editor and the news Editor.. In 2009, when the Lanka e news Editor promptly informed the police about the news that Poddala Jayantha was abducted and his legs were broken , the Editor and news Editor of Lanka e news were summoned to the Mirihana police and were threatened on the ground they were suppressing information and nearly remanded by this very same Deshabandu. After three months , the case was withdrawn by this Deshabandu himself. This same Deshabandu gave a punishment transfer to Batticaloa to the Sergeant who handled this case because he could not achieve his objective of remanding the journalists due to the failure of this sergeant to act according to Deashabandus requirements on the court action.
Though the drama staged by Mirihana Police was a ludicrous comedy to the people , to the individual who was remanded it was suffering in silence eating prison bath

If the police is truly , honestly and seriously interested in apprehending the culprits , the information we are providing below is sufficient clues to make a breakthrough

Two high ranking Army officers whose names cannot be disclosed had this to say

Following an article we published on the 28th of January revealing a confidential letter had provoked the fury of the defense chief. He has immediately summoned the chief in charge of confidential information and vented his rage on him and chased him away. He had warned him if any more such letters leak out he will have to bear the responsibility.
The defense chief has thereafter taken a call to an enemy who is now serving in the North who was nearly condemned earlier as a traitor . This enemy was in charge of the security of Colombo during the period when murders and attacks on the media were raging. The defense chief had told him four of the best friends of his of the Bajaga force have been arranged to accomplish a secret mission. Thereafter , two more from the Force of spies and informants were deployed with full pay and additional allowances to carry out an espionage on the Lanka e news office and its staff gathering information. How many are in the staff .? What time the office is closed ? What time the neighbors go to sleep etc.

The two unidentified individuals who were loitering around the e News premises on the 29th and 30th as discovered and informed by Lanka e news journalists later were these individuals.
Having garnered information , the foursome of the Bajaga Force arranged by the enemy , after signing for duty in the North had been brought to Colombo. The mission was entrusted to them . The mission was to destroy Lanka e news by committing arson. They were forbidden two things : not to murder anyone ; and they should not consume liquor until the nefarious and ruthless mission is accomplished

These four individuals of the Bajaga Force who arrived in Colombo on the 31st received a dark blue Double cab bearing a garage number plate . After boarding the cab they have filled two large cans with petrol at the Slave Island security division fuel station. This was at about 6.30 p.m. As it was a trifle too early they had taken a rest on the way.

After it became dark, they have parked the cab near the turn at Daham Mawatha , Malabe. Three of the occupants of the cab have alighted and moved towards the Lanka e news office carrying the petrol cans . The informants had already passed the information based on their inquiries that at about 1 .00 , 2.00 night , the neighborhood is asleep. Theses arsonists had gone into the Lanka e news premises breaking the doors without making a noise at 1.30 a.m. pre dawn. They have taken all the goods in the rooms of the premises and put them in the middle and set fire.. The criminals have embarked the cab in the night itself only after confirming that the entire Lanka e news premises was completely torched.

The cab had then proceeded towards the Mattegoda camp via Kottawa . The foursome of the Bajaga force are now back at their work place on duty in the North.

This is the true story as disclosed by the two high ranking Army officers who wish to remain anonymous as opposed to the bogus ridiculous drama created by interested parties. Look forward to more interesting and shockingly factual details of this true tragedy and of the stupid comedy the police and interested parties are laboring hard to project.
By Sandaruwan Senadheera



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