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Sri Lanka Guardian demands apology from the Lanka C News for false and defamatory story

The editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian sent a letter to the editor of Lanka C News demanding an immediate apology and the publication of withdrawal of a fabricated news item published on C News on the 25th of March. In this news item, a person signed as the special correspondent wrote that a meeting was held in Washington between three web publications, including the Sri Lanka Guardian, organized by a lady officer from the American State Department who formerly worked for the CIA, and facilitated by the American Embassy in Sri Lanka, held in order to discuss the Sri Lankan government.

The editor of the Sri Lanka Guardian in his letter stated that he has never visited Washington and that this entire story about this meeting is a fictitious story. He also stated that he has had no connection at any time with any officer of the American embassy in Sri Lanka or elsewhere, nor any contact with the American State Department. He demanded that the editor of C News should withdraw this news item with an apology and that, under the Sri Lankan law, this publication amounts to defamation. In his letter he also stated that the matter will be referred to lawyers for further action.

He further stated that calling those who work in media ‘traitors’ is also a deliberate defamatory statement under the Sri Lankan law. He went on to explain that the defense of media freedom is in fact the defense of the rights of the people themselves, and that where free media is suppressed, it is the nation that suffers. The suppression of free media is an unpatriotic act and the defense of free media is essential for defending the freedoms and the welfare of a nation.
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