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The JVP has expressed its vehement protest regarding the arrest of news editor of ‘Lanka-e-News.’ This is stated in a communiqué issued by the party with the signature of its Information Secretary Parliamentarian Vijithe Herath.

Mr. Herath in his communiqué accuses the government of attempting to evade the responsibility of setting fire to the office of the ‘Lanka-e-News’ web site and put the blame on employees of the web site. Mr. Herath also points out that the state media carried out a blatant propaganda to justify the act.

Arresting persons who do not tow the line of the government has become a habit of the present government and the people have come to suspect that the News editor of ‘Lanka-e-News’ has been made a victim of this  dirty practice of the government states the Information Secretary of the JVP. Mr. Herath points out that the fear the senior leaders of the present government have for those who do not agree with their policies has intensified to a stage of hysteria and states that this is evident in the attempts of the government to repress the media, university students and trade union activists and violence against them.  In his communiqué Mr. Herath states they consider the arrest of Mr. Bennet Rupasinghe as another instance of this hysteria of the government.

Mr. Herath points out that throughout history the government has failed to carry out proper investigations regarding attacks on the media institutions and journalists and adds that the reason for such failure is that senior men in the government are behind such attacks. He states what the government should do at this moment is to find out the real perpetrators and bring them before the law

In his communiqué the Information Secretary of the JVP states that the JVP demands the government to immediately stop repression of the media and calls upon masses to rally against the undemocratic moves of the government.
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