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Govt. obstructs ‘Wall’ posters

Pasting posters of the ‘People’s Wall of Comradeship’ printed in Tamil demanding the release of Tamil political prisoners and to stop land plunder in the North has been obstructed by the Army at Bambalapitiya say reports.
The JVP member Chandran and two others who were putting up posters were threatened by several Army personnel at Bambalapitiya using bad language and then were handed over to Bambalapitiya Police with the three wheeler and the posters.

The police has charged Chandran and others under RIB/389/759 and asked them to be present in Court on the 29th.

The co-convener of ‘People’s Wall of Comradeship’ Parliamentarian Sunil Handunneththi said the government is attempting to bring militarization it is maintaining in the North to the South. He asked what right the government has to take away the right of the people for expression. He said pasting posters on boards allocated for the purpose too has become an issue for the government


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