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Freedom of expression denied in north to Tamils. Jaffna Bishop points out to Ambassador.

(Photo: French Ambassador in Jaffna)
A situation has risen in the north, of not able to advance political activities freely. Meetings cannot be held by gathering public.
Continuous obstructions are placed   for the freedom of expression to the northern Tamil people.  People are scared to reveal their opinions freely.
 Jaffna Archbishop Thomas Soundaranayam brought this to the attention of French Ambassador who had visited Jaffna yesterday.
 French Ambassador Christine Robin is on two days visit to Jaffna yesterday met Jaffna Archbishop Thomas Soundaranayam at 10.30 a.m at the Archbishop palace and discussed for about one hour.
Jaffna Bishop after discussion gave his comments to the media said,  the objective of French Ambassador’s visit to Jaffna is to explore the current situation directly.
She queried about the present feelings of Tamil people, after three years of end of war, and what is people’s expectation? Regarding the livelihood activities of people, French Ambassador queried.
Tamil people after war came to an end expected a permanent political settlement. But still a political settlement is not met, even three years have gone.  Sri Lanka government had not taken any measures to process activities to grant a settlement.
Northern provincial council election is not still scheduled. Government is postponing.
Regarding the Tamil peoples livelihood conditions, the farmers are facing difficulties to market their produces. Fishermen are engaged in fishing activities but they are affected by the illegal intrudes by the Indian fishermen.
Concerning these issues, both country governments were many times made aware, but actions are not taken. Our sea resources are continuously getting obliterated.
Industries does not exist here, hence job opportunities are dearth.
French Ambassador questioned me, why activities can be organized to merge the two races.
 In reply I said, there is a situation prevailing here of not able to process activities freely. There is lack of clearance to gather people and hold meetings. Freedom for expression for the public is affected. Many obstacles are placed against this freedom.


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