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Psychology war against media by government – Saravanabawan MP

Photo – MP saravanabavan visits the media worker at hospital

“Thinakural” press was scorched and once again activities advanced to crush the voice of democracy. In this manner, the press distributor was attacked and wounded.  The elements which desire that democracy atmosphere and media freedom should not exist in the country were engaged in this task.
Peninsula is in the entire control of the forces, and the continuous attacks against the Medias, Hathurusinghe the Commanding Chief of the district should take responsibility.
Issues connected with people’s emotions is  mainly  by the cumulative of  the forces presence in an unnecessary manner in the university environment, and the reports published , and an environment crisis is created but Hathurusinghe is maintaining silence concerning the violence carried out over the media, which materializes suspicions  was said by Jaffna district parliament member E.Saravanabawan in his report.

He said, from last January 19th, distributor attached to the “Udayan” distributing unit, was assaulted at Vadamarachi by sticks draped with barbed wire and was severely wounded.  His motorbike along with the newspapers was burnt in the middle of the road, but none was arrested concerning this. There are no developments in investigations.

In the same manner the “Thinakural” press distributor was attacked and his motorbike along with the newspapers was scorched. The same gang is involved with these two incidents.

The way the incident occurred, the weapon wrapped in barbed wire, clearly establishes the objective of the incident.

In the midst of suppressions in Jaffna, “Udayan”, “Thinakural” and “Valampuri” Medias identified as the voice of the truth are function. But to eradicate this media voices, an agenda is prepared and  operated by the government and the unscrupulous gang which is holding umbrella to the government.

People are rejecting the Medias functioning as the trumpets of authority, and by oppressing the Medias operating on behalf of the people, those in authority and their gangs are assuming that they could force their comments through their activities.

This sector has got the belief by advancing third class activities, they could  divert the people to their side to gain votes, before the northern provincial election, by forcing their comments to the people.

Not competence in facing these medias operating on the basis of democracy and their views, they are adopting a violence path with the aid of murder tools, are functioning in the manner of stabbing behind the back.

By assaulting the newspaper distributors, the attackers’ objective is to obliterate the determination of the media sector.

This is a well-planned psychology war. This is not the first time such psychology war was utilized. Many times before this, in different ways, this psychology war was faced by the Medias with the assistance of facts.

In the midst of such oppresses the “Thinakural” press without deviating from its policy, operated as the authentic voice of democracy and people. Hence this violence cannot obliterate Medias by such awkward activities.

However, this violence will transform the “Thinakural” employees to gain more determination and the truth of the voice will sound as loud tone.

Sri Lanka has been pushed to the 165th place in the world arena in media freedom.  The position of this country’s media freedom will get drastically affected by the continuous violence against the Medias.

Such violence is obstruction stones to originate reconciliation in this country for which there is danger. Government should immediately take action to control this continuous violence advanced against the Medias.

Medias which are operating in Jaffna maintaining the democracy culture,  if attacked through violence, the government and its representative, the Northern provincial Governor and Jaffna district Commanding Chief will be pushed to the obligation of clarifying to the people and the international sector was stated.



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